ZIPPER Q7 Annual

BBQ Challenge and Cook Off

HOSTED BY: IFOPA Organization



The ZIPPER Q Cook Off will be held at Claremore Expo located at 400 Veteran’s Parkway in Claremore, Oklahoma on Saturday, October 6, 2018.    Enjoy the day long competition with live music and great BBQ.  BBQ competition will be limited to the first 25 teams that enter.  Enter early and join the fun!





1.  Two check‐in options will be provided to all vendors, Friday night check‐in or Saturday morning check‐in.  All vehicles must be moved out of the cook‐off area by 8AM Saturday morning.   Reserved parking for teams will be provided.


2.   Contestants must provide their own tables, chairs and tents.  Electricity is available this year.

Each team will be assigned a 20’ wide by 20’ deep cooking site.   If this size space will not accommodate your set‐up please contact with event coordinator prior to the event date to request additional space.


3.   Teams are responsible for bringing their own competition meat.

All meat is subject to inspection upon arrival and check in.  Meat must be in supplier sealed

packaging and on ice to ensure proper handling of raw food.  Once meat has been inspected, teams

are free to begin preparing meat for cooking.  One brisket (for People’s Choice) per team will be            distributed at check in.


4.   Head cooks meeting is scheduled for 9:00AM, Saturday, October 6th.  The meeting will be held at the stage.  Donuts will be provided.  Turn in containers and foil will be distributed during the meeting.



1.   Fires must be charcoal, wood or wood substance.  No electric or gas grills.  Contestants must supply all needed equipment and supplies. Contestants must take all precautions necessary to prevent fire hazards.   All fires must be contained in a suitable manner.   Contestants may be disqualified if precautionary measures are not followed or unsafe conditions exist.   All teams must have a fire extinguisher at their cook‐site.


2.  Contestants may use trash receptacles placed throughout the cooking area.  Each team will be provided a container to dispose of trash.  Please put ashes in appropriate trash cans labeled “ASHES”.


3.   The head cook is responsible for the conduct of the team. No more than 5 cooks per team please.

4.   No glass bottles are permitted.

5.   Teams may decorate cook‐off area with signs, banners, etc.  An award will be presented for best showmanship.  Judging will be conducted my Zip Gordon.

6.    No electric or gas grills and no wood pellet grills.






1.      Competition meat cannot be seasoned, marinated prior to the meat inspection upon arrival.  No precooked, pre‐boiled or pre‐marinated meats.


2.   A  $100  entry  fee  is  required  for  one  or  all  meat  categories:  pork  spare  ribs  (St.  Louis cut is acceptable; baby back ribs are NOT acceptable), brisket, pork and chicken (thighs).   Those teams sponsoring the event will have the entry fee waived.


3.   All cook‐off areas must be cleaned and vacated by 10PM, Saturday, October 7th.  As a courtesy to other  teams,  please  don’t  drive vehicles in the cooking area  before  all  entries  have  been  judged  and  the awards have been presented.



1.   IBCA  requires that the secret, double  number  system be used.     This system assures a fair competition and is a fundamental tenet of the IBCA.  Two tickets bearing the same number will be utilized, one firmly attached to the top of the judging tray in a manner which hides the number and the other ticket easily removed by the cook for retention after signing.  Winning numbers will not be revealed until time to announce each place in each category.  At that time the secret numbers attached to the tray will be removed and announced.


2.      Judging trays will be 8 inch square non‐dived Styrofoam with a hinged lid and an additional single sheet of aluminum foil.  These will be provided at the head cook’s meeting at 8:30AM.


3.   Upon delivery to judges the meat will not be covered with garnish or sauce.  Meats may be cooked with sauces and/or other liquids, but once the cooking is complete, sauces and/or liquids cannot be added once put into tray.  Garnishments are NOT allowed.


4.   Barbecue will be judged on aroma, appearance, texture and taste.


5.   Meat will be judged on its own merit and not compared to any other meats.


6.   Teams are not permitted to sell barbecue.


7.    Turn in times and quantities are as follows:


-1:30PM  Chicken Thighs

-2:00PM   Ribs

-2:30PM  7 full individual cut ribs (bone in)
Pork Shoulder/Butt

-3:00PM  Brisket

8.   All judging containers shall be free of markings.  Marked containers are subject to disqualification.


9.   Results for each category will be announced between 6:00 and 7:00PM.


10. Trophies will be awarded for 1st  – 3rd.  places in the meat categories.   A grand champion will be named and receive a trophy!!





Additional information available by contacting Jacob Gordon at 918.629.2930 or by emailing, or Jennifer Melton at 918.857.7800 or email at